Rules & Regulations

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Today, the Specialty Coffee Association released updated rules & regulations for the 2023 World Brewers Cup (WBrC). The updates mark the largest competition changes since before the pandemic, opening up new service possibilities for competitors and major changes in how judges score and evaluate performances.  All World Coffee Championships (WCC) rules & regulations updates are overseen by the Competitions Strategic Committee – a volunteer leadership group focused on evolving the WCCs in line with strategic goals. Many of these changes introduced today were planned or in progress prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the CSC’s work here The WBrC criteria for evaluation have undergone significant changes to refocus the competition on evaluating a competitor’s coffee brewing skills. These changes include expanded categories for barista evaluation as well as the decoupling of the competition’s structure from the existing SCA Cupping Form and Protocol. This includes the introduction of a new coffee evaluation scale more clearly aligned with the SCA’s ongoing work to evolve the existing cupping protocol and form into a coffee value assessment system, informed by research and sensory science best practice. The WBrC competition format will also have major format updates–introducing a Semi-Finals round in 2023. Competitors will now give their open service presentation in Round One (with no compulsory). From there, 12 competitors will progress to Semi-Finals to present a provided coffee through compulsory service. Six competitors will then present open service in Finals, with compulsory scores carrying through from Semi-Finals. Scoresheets have also been re-designed for clarity and ease of use. 





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