2018 Sponsors


Title Sponsor

Tetsu Kasuya, the 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion, is with us as a guest in the HARIO booth in E33/Flavors. You can drink pour over coffee that the world champion brews with the HARIO V60. Be sure to drop by our booth.

Qualified Filter Grinder

Ditting stands for Swiss precision down to the last detail. Their 804 LAB SWEET provides absolutely accurate and consistent grinding, making it the perfect match for pour overs. After having sponsored several local competitions, Ditting is now committed to sponsor the 804 LAB SWEET for the upcoming seasons of the WBrC.

Qualified Cleaning Products
Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder and Puro® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Urnex has manufactured specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment since 1936. Today, the portfolio of Urnex liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules is distributed in over 70 countries around the world. Urnex is a long-time supporter of coffee competitions and the competitors themselves, as championship quality coffee can only be made using clean equipment.

Water Filtration Sponsor

Claris J1:
The CLARIS water filter system has been designed down to the last detail to cater to the exacting requirements of specialty coffee and foodservice markets. The unique Claris water filter system combines sophisticated filtration technology with smart engineering excellence which, up until now, was only associated with larger and more expensive systems.

Everpure MRS-600HE II:
Everpure® MRS-600HE II™ is a high efficiency RO systems that offers significantly less water waste, saving money on sewer charges. This system can produce up to as much as 600 gallons per day of RO water, with a flow rate of up to 0.7 gpm. It also has a blending feature that allows for water customization so you can adjust the water depending on your application.


Wilbur Curtis
Equipment Partner

For over 70 years the Curtis brand has been synonymous with Innovation. From the development of the 1st disposable coffee pot in 1941 to the first undercounter batch brewer in 2014, (The Seraphim) the Wilbur Curtis company has always had it’s sights set on Making Better Coffee Easier.

Ally Coffee
Official Origin Trip Sponsor

We at Ally Coffee are honored to be the origin trip sponsor for the World Brewers Cup. We know that baristas are some of the most important ambassadors for our industry as a whole, and we are delighted to recognize their hard work and dedication by providing this trip to origin!


Café Taf
Coffee Sponsor

Taf offers specialty coffee and services through a wide network to the largest part of Greece. The company’s goal is the development of long-term business relationships with the customers. The business action of Taf focuses on offering unique high quality coffees included in three product lines – Single Estate, Taloumis Family Limited Reserve and Sustainability coffees. These coffees are purchased directly from coffee farms, adopting the direct relationship model. The offering is combined with unequalled education for a complete customer service. Taf roasts specialty coffees with the expertise aquired through all these years and responds to customer preferences with flexibility.

Equipment Sponsor

The AeroPress coffee maker is a new type of press that brews one to four cups of rich coffee without bitterness in one minute. The AeroPress has become a favorite of serious coffee aficionados because it enables one to control the brewing process variables and thereby tailor the brew for a particular roasted coffee and one’s personal taste.

Equipment Sponsor

Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Brewista is a collaboration of engineers, designers, roasters and brewers with decades of experience. We design, manufacture and distribute the finest brewed beverage products available. Brewista’s products include the industry changing Cold Pro Cold Brew line up, beautiful Artisan Series kettles, the revolutionary Smart Scale and Ratio Scale, Essentials laboratory grade and PLA paper filters, and the award winning NutraMilk that makes frothable dairy-alternative milk on demand. Visit www.mybrewista.com and www.thenutramilk.com for more information.


Equipment Sponsor

KALITA has over fifty year history to popularize coffee culture in Japan through highly sophisticated coffee related equipment. We further devote to lineup products in order to draw out specialty of coffee so that all consumers can enjoy its real taste of coffee in the coming fifty years.

Product Sponsor

In Germany in 1908, Mrs. Melitta Benz invented the paper filter.  In Italy in 1933, Mr. Caliman invented the first French press. Today, we have invented the Clever Dripper and HandyBrew Tea Maker. The secret is our patented Shut-Off System. Our product follows the Direct Immersion Method of Brewing extracting the best part of tea and coffee.

BSCA & ApexBrasil
Product Sponsor

BSCA is a non-profit association created by Brazilian producers to promote our coffees. BSCA certifies quality and works to improve production through education and research, always emphasizing sustainability. Our mission is to increase recognition of Brazilian specialty coffees for their high quality and diversity, offering consumers a unique experience.

Product Sponsor

VST Inc.

VST Inc.
Event Sponsor

VST LAB Coffee Refractometer – BEST NEW PRODUCT SCAA 2008
VST CoffeeTools™ Coffee Design Software – BEST NEW PRODUCT SCAA 2009
VST Precision Filter – Official Equipment of the World Barista Championship 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Capricornio Coffees
Judges Program Sponsor

Capricornio Coffees is a Brazilian exporter of specialty coffees from 20 estates located around the Tropic of Capricornio. Several microlots, honeys, naturals, fully washed and special preparations – double, dry and wet fermentations, controlled yeast, Ethiopia-style, Kenya-style and Burundi-style fermentations – are exported to more than 20 countries. Learn more: www.capricorniocoffees.com.br

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Monte Alegre Coffees
Judges Program Sponsor

The Monte Alegre Farm was already a traditional and well-known coffee producer, in South Minas Gerais region, when the Vieira Family acquired the property in 1917. Monte Alegre Company was founded in 1990 to run the family farms and explore the coffee production, cattle raising, sugar cane and corn crop, among other activities. Over time, the focus of Monte Alegre Company was driven to specialty coffees, from what came Monte Alegre Coffees identity. By the help of management certifications, it produces estate coffees with differentiated characteristics and flavors, with social responsibility and environmental protection in the main producing region of Brazil.

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